League Table Metro League - Division 10

1Clondalkin 1411033722091633047
2Terenure College RFC 1410043241801443043
3Suttonians 141004309294151041
4Old Belvedere 149053282031253039
5Malahide 1471628227662032
6BGF Ravens 144010184283-993019
7MU Barnhall 143110223381-1581015
8De La Salle Palmerston 14101383279-1960-15-11

There are no 4-try bonus points in this league.

Clondalkin has replaced Monkstown in this league.

De La Salle Palmerston deducted 15 points: 3 points in line with Reg 21.14b: De La Salle Palmerston J2 team conceded walkovers on 1st & 15th October and lower teams played; 12 points for conceding walkovers v Malahide on 3rd December, v MU Barnhall on 10th December & Old Belvedere on 21st January.

Metro League - Division 10
13:30De La Salle Palmerston 7vs24Malahide More
15:00Old Belvedere 5vs7Suttonians More
15:00Terenure College RFC 32vs24MU Barnhall More
13:00Old Belvedere 12vs6Terenure College RFC More
13:30De La Salle Palmerston 15vs12MU Barnhall More
20:00Suttonians 35vs20BGF Ravens More
13:00Malahide 13vs14BGF Ravens More
13:00MU Barnhall 22vs32Clondalkin More
15:00Old Belvedere 33vs12De La Salle Palmerston More
15:00Suttonians 26vs23Terenure College RFC More
13:30Malahide 29vs29MU Barnhall More
15:00BGF Ravens 6vs25Terenure College RFC More
15:00Clondalkin 20vs23Old Belvedere More
15:00De La Salle Palmerston 18vs42Suttonians More
14:30MU Barnhall 10vs20BGF Ravens More
14:30Old Belvedere 31vs46Malahide More
14:30Suttonians 23vs22Clondalkin More
14:30Terenure College RFC 55vs17De La Salle Palmerston More
14:30BGF Ravens 32vs0De La Salle Palmerston More
14:30Clondalkin 29vs17Terenure College RFC More
14:30Malahide 59vs7Suttonians More
14:30MU Barnhall 5vs39Old Belvedere More
13:00BGF Ravens 15vs19Clondalkin More
13:00Suttonians 39vs27MU Barnhall More
14:00De La Salle Palmerston 0vs41Clondalkin More
14:00Old Belvedere 32vs5BGF Ravens More
14:00Terenure College RFC 43vs3Malahide More
14:00Clondalkin 27vs14BGF Ravens More
14:00MU Barnhall 0vs20Terenure College RFC More
14:00Suttonians 9vs22Old Belvedere More
15:00Malahide vsDe La Salle Palmerston Conceded by De La Salle PalmerstonMore
14:00BGF Ravens 12vs23Suttonians More
14:00Malahide 12vs5Clondalkin More
14:00MU Barnhall vsDe La Salle Palmerston Conceded by De La Salle PalmerstonMore
14:00Terenure College RFC 24vs10Old Belvedere More
14:30Clondalkin 44vs19Malahide More
14:30BGF Ravens 10vs14Malahide More
14:30Clondalkin 46vs10MU Barnhall More
14:30De La Salle Palmerston vsOld Belvedere Conceded by De La Salle PalmerstonMore
14:30Terenure College RFC 32vs21Suttonians More
15:00MU Barnhall 26vs22Malahide More
15:00Old Belvedere 6vs7Clondalkin More
15:00Suttonians vsDe La Salle Palmerston Conceded by De La Salle PalmerstonMore
15:00Terenure College RFC 13vs10BGF Ravens More
15:00Clondalkin 23vs19Suttonians More
15:00De La Salle Palmerston vsTerenure College RFC Conceded by De La Salle PalmerstonMore
15:00De La Salle Palmerston vsBGF Ravens Conceded by De La Salle PalmerstonMore
15:00Suttonians 18vs7Malahide More
15:00Terenure College RFC 15vs17Clondalkin More
20:00Old Belvedere 40vs14MU Barnhall More
13:00BGF Ravens 7vs20MU Barnhall More
20:00Malahide 29vs23Old Belvedere More
15:00BGF Ravens 19vs52Old Belvedere More
15:00Clondalkin 40vs14De La Salle Palmerston More
15:00Malahide 5vs19Terenure College RFC More
15:00MU Barnhall 24vs40Suttonians More